Top 5 Home Renovations that Will Increase Your Home’s Value

October 19, 2019

The recession has created a buyer’s market for those looking to purchase homes. As a result, people can afford to be a lot pickier about certain details that they’re looking for. If you watch any of the programs on HGTV, you’ll notice a trend in the kinds of features that they expect to see for the amount of money they’re spending. If you’re thinking about putting your house on the market, take a look at these attributes-as they can sometimes make or break a deal.

Bathroom Fixtures

One of the main things that potential home buyers are interested in are the bathrooms. More so than the number of them that exist, people are paying attention to what they look like. Obsolete bathroom furnishings will instantly “date” your home, making room look less appealing. Jazzing up faucets, lighting fixtures, and even the tile will drastically bring your bathroom up to date.

Kitchen Counters and Appliances

If your home has granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances, you can consider yourself lucky; because according to many of the experts on HGTV, these two features are the most requested in real estate. In some cases, home buyers consider these accents necessary aspects of a modern, functioning kitchen. But these aren’t the only materials that will improve the value of your home. Take a walk through your local Home Depot and you’ll be surprised by the plethora of textures available that match your home’s character. The idea in essence, is to make your kitchen look warm, relatively neutral, and most of all-modern.

Curb Appeal

Even if all the improvements in your house are phenomenal, you will still need to entice potential buyers to actually enter the premises. This probably won’t occur if your home’s “curb appeal” is less than desirable. You need not spend tons of money to create a fantasy landscape (though it might help in some cases.) But in general, shrubbery should not be overgrown. Debris and supplies should be kept out of sight. And at the very least, the entrance should appear manicured and well-cared for. Once you’ve given your yard a “shave” you can then concentrate on adding a few simple touches to enhance the look. Metro Atlanta’s Pike Nursery (and even Wal-Mart) is literally a landscaping Mecca for those with a green thumb.

Extra Closet Space

Unfortunately, some houses as nice as they are, don’t offer residents enough closet space. Master bedroom closets are often the first to be inspected by potential homeowners. If your closet is lacking a little breathing room, you might want to consider investing in creating some bigger storage dimensions. Sometimes a complete rebuild cannot be accomplished, in which case you might want to consider refurbishing storage space in another area of the house.

Livable Basement Area(s)

In a time when people are looking to cut corners and save money, homeowners are now looking to their basements as viable living quarters instead of places to store old stuff. If you happen to have a finished basement, you’ve probably got a goldmine on your hands. Homeowners love the idea of having a separate area to comfortably house in-laws, older children, or even renters. Suffice it to say, finishing your basement and providing some additional functionality to your house will boost its value tremendously.