How to Organize a Utility Closet: Organizing Tips to Store Household Cleaning Supplies

June 2, 2019

Utility closets keep much-needed cleaning supplies out of sight and yet close at hand. Keeping this storage space well-organized and neatly arranged means that cleaning up is easier and quicker. For homes that don’t have a dedicated utility closet, it will be a good idea to identify and allocate a specific area to store household cleaning supplies and keep it organized.

Here are easy ways on how to create, arrange and organize a fully functional utility closet.

Contents for the Utility Closet

The first step will be to collect everything that will go into the utility closet. Here is a list of cleaning items that most homes will require.

  • Brooms,mops,bucket and dust pan
  • Trashcan liners and plastic bags
  • Paper towels, kitchen towels, dusters and rags
  • Sponges, scouring pads, brushes and scrubbers
  • Vacuum cleaner and attachments
  • Protective gloves
  • Various cleaning sprays—glass, oven, kitchen and floor
  • Various polishes—furniture, brass, silver, floor wax or coating
  • Car cleaning supplies
  • Spare flashlight and batteries
  • Step stool

Creating Space and Storage in the Utility Closet

While the list of household cleaning supplies may be long, one does not really need a big closet to house them. All that is required is a small closet or even, a few shelves in a larger cabinet. Regardless of the size of the closet, it will be a good idea to add hooks and pegs to the insides of the closet doors and to the back and sides of the closet. Adjustable shelving will be a big plus.

Storing Items and Arranging the Utility Closet

The next step will be to arrange the items in the closet. Here are a few organizing tips for storing the various household cleaning products.

  • Use hooks and pegs to hang broom, mop, dustpan, gloves and anything else that can be conveniently stored by hanging.
  • Store plastic bags and trash can liners inside a plastic bag container or any plastic box with a lid.
  • Line shelves with paper and arrange cleaning sprays and polishes neatly in trays or baskets. Follow the principle of storing like items together. For instance, glass cleaning supplies should be in one basket while floor cleaning supplies will be in a separate basket.
  • Add a paper towel holder to the inside of the door. Store extras by stacking and arranging neatly on one of the shelves.
  • Scouring pads, scrubbers and other such items can be kept in their original packing and stored in containers or baskets to hold them all together.
  • Cleaning caddies can also be used to hold frequently used items together.
  • A closet rod can be used to hang storage bags and keep towels, dusters, scrubbers and brushes together.
  • Closet floor space can be used to store the vacuum cleaner along with its attachments and the step stool.
  • Put up easy to read labels, where needed, so that other family members know where everything goes.
  • Keep the closet locked to prevent small children from getting into it.

Once all the items are organized and kept neatly, finding the right cleaner or cleaning implement to keep the house spotless will be quite easy. Do use these organizing tips for arranging and storing household cleaning products neatly and creating a centralized storage space for them.