February 8, 2020

Fall is in the air. The fur kids are grateful for every degree the temperature drops. They want to be outside whenever the mercury drops below 80 degrees. They chase the falling leaves and wait with baited breath for the approaching fall. They know it is coming and they are anxious for it to arrive.

I took some time off from computer repairs so they all got to go to the new property yesterday. It is still heavily wooded, even with the clearing we did for the houses. They frolicked through the woods, getting acquainted with the resident squirrels and birds. They followed all of the wonderful new smells of wildlife and nature. They were excited and overjoyed.

They found deer trails and were awestruck by the fabulous new scent they had never experienced before. They spent more than an hour trying to find the mysterious creature that had left such a heady marking. Soon they will live there and they will find this fascinating animal, but for now they could only smell and dream.

We ran ourselves ragged just keeping them in sight as they explored this wonderland. They found chipmunks, squirrels and birds. Tried to dig out dens and ran headlong into an armadillo. It was hard to determine who was the more startled or amazed. They were all curious about each other, the armadillo cautiously eyeing this horde of fur and flying ears, the fur kids announcing their discovery with raucous barking. The armadillo curled into a ball, patiently enduring the inquisitive noses of this strange pack of impertinent fur balls. The more daring boys cautiously chanced to touch with extended paws while the girls encouraged them from a safer distance. They finally decided that this new discovery did not want to play and soon lost interest when the armadillo, who steadfastly maintained his immobile behavior. The fur kids raced off in search of more adventure and the armadillo uncurled and meandered away apparently unruffled by the encounter.

Every tree and bush had to be examined and relegated to an appropriate category. Each rock was tested and marked. The boys had a very busy day, indeed. The location of the spring was found and committed to memory. The proper tree for each squirrel was carefully determined and noted.
The location of dens, trails and other still unchartered realms were securely recorded for further study.

Finally, tired but content fur kids were ready to be loaded in the truck for the trip home. Now they have flung themselves into the moving preparations with a vengeance. Impatient to have it done and get back to this new paradise that awaits them, they encourage the packing and cleaning with their own special brand of incentive, the thoughts and dreams of this beckoning Eden never far from their minds.