Bedroom Decorating Tips and Romantic Bedrooms

August 14, 2019

The bedroom is without a doubt the most personal room in the house. Most people do a lot of living in the living room, and everyone has to spend some time in their bedroom no matter what. When it comes to decorating a bedroom, the most important thing to consider is what it’s mostly used for. There are tons of outlandish suggestions on how to make silly themes for a bedroom, but a personalized theme will make the best one now and in the long run.

Bedroom Furniture Layout

The best way to make a bedroom more pleasant without spending more money is to give it a proper layout. While the amount of furniture in the room should be kept to a minimum no matter what the design is, it’s where the furniture is placed that really makes or breaks the general feel of the room. The one thing just about everyone does in their bedroom is sleep, so the beds should be at the focal point of the room.

Try situating the head or headboard of the bed on a wall opposing the entrance to the room. Drape a comfy blanket in a favorite color or style and it becomes the centerpiece of the room. This generally allows that focal point to be seen as someone enters the room. Keep good spacing in dressing areas and try placing lights where a mirror can reflect it for added space illusions.

The size of the room is important for the décor design as well. Smaller rooms need to be as clutter free as possible so any unnecessary furniture items should be avoided. Light colors on the walls is the age-old trick to make small bedrooms seem bigger, also mirrors placed in the “longest” part of the room seem to visually open up the room. Large rooms are easy as long as the bed is perfectly placed. Options of a reading table or a detached walk-in closet can give a ritzy feel to a room. Large wall paintings and other floor-to-ceiling décor like large dramatic wardrobes or curtains can add a majestic feel to any bedroom.

Create a Romantic Bedroom

The Most sought after feel for a shared bedroom is a romantic one. Romance is represented well by deep colors that are close to red but nowhere near a bright red. Deep purples and magentas will achieve the affect and go well when paired with a nice cream. White is nice when used exclusively with other colors as accents, but color tends to be more effective. There are almost always some very nice, romantic beddings on sale through Kohls’ coupons online.

Mirrors and lighting do a great deal for the romantic ambiance get creative with lights that change over time or dimming lights. Hearts and flowers are good when used subtly. Keep the colors in line with the rest of the room and don’t go cheesy or it will get old quickly.

It’s not hard to decorate a bedroom. Space and placement are key design factors. Also, don’t forget that there isn’t anything less romantic than a TV staring at the bed!