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Whirlpool Gold Double Convection Wall Oven Review, Model: GBD307PR

March 26, 2021

I Review This Unique Wall Oven from Whirlpool

The appliance manufacturer Whirlpool has been providing consumers with some of the most advanced, and yet affordable, appliances within the entire industry for many years. Throughout their time producing appliances, they have garnered a reputation for allowing consumers to enjoy the highest quality cooking and cooling technologies without having to pay the luxury appliance price tag. If you are looking to add, or replace, a wall oven in your kitchen, than I would suggest taking a look at the Whirlpool Gold Double Convection Wall Oven, Model: GBD307PR. This double wall oven will provide you with the ultimate in cooking options, which is perfect for both large families and young professionals who love to entertain.

Main Product Features:

The first feature within this double wall oven from Whirlpool is the unique design. Users will absolutely adore the streamlined design that features minimalistic appeal with beautiful curves. This oven will definitely enhance any kitchen that it is placed in, and you will love owning this machine even when not using it.

One of the most advanced features that have been placed within this double wall oven is the AccuBake Heat Distribution System. This heating system will fill the oven cavity with the same, even, temperature. This will provide your food the opportunity to be cooked precisely due to the fact that there is no longer any hot or cool spots throughout the oven cavity. You will be able to cook a large batch of cookies at one time in this oven, and all of them will come out looking and tasting the same. Definitely a must have feature for those who enjoy entertaining or making sensitive food items.

With the total capacity of 4.1 cubic feet in both the upper and lower ovens, you will have a total cooking capacity of 8.2 cubic feet. This is absolutely massive, and when the holidays come around the corner, you will be able to produce an entire holiday feast without having to spend hours in the kitchen moving dishes in and out of your oven.

With the One Touch Bake and Broil System you are able to touch a single button to either bake or broil your foods, and then simply walk away. You will no longer have to guess about the appropriate temperature for your foods. This feature will save you time spent in the kitchen, allowing you to actually mingle with your guests, not just cook foods.

Product Price:

This Whirlpool Gold Double Wall Oven can be purchased for an average price of $1,850.