20–21 April 2015 | Zorlu Center | Istanbul


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Onduline Avrasya A.A.

Onduline Avrasya A.S.

Onduline Avrasya is the Turkish organisation of the Onduline Group which has production plants in 9 countries and operates in more than 100 countries. Onduline Avrasya provides a large variety of products from the foundations to the roofs of constructions where the customers can obtain roofing materials along with the roof and foundation waterproofing materials.

Onduline Avrasya A.S. enables the application of it's products while adding more value each and every day. Along with the present training programs and marketing activities, the company is in the pursue of developing new products. The main goal of the company is to continue it's manufacturing processes with the highest quality standards in an environment friendly atmosphere. Each technical and commercial business within the organization aims to protect humanity and the environment while paying high attention to social responsibility projects.


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Zorlu Center Istanbul

Zorlu Center Istanbul

Located at the heart of Istanbul, Zorlu Center, Turkey's first 5 function mixed-use project, comprises of a performing arts center, residences, office space, a shopping mall and a hotel. From world famous Broadway shows to the most precious contemporary art pieces, Zorlu Performing Arts Center brings high quality productions and exhibitions to Istanbul. With its high-end retailers, gourmet restaurants and alfresco city square concept, Zorlu Shopping Mall offers an exclusive shopping experience to its visitors. Additionally, its "premium luxury" hotel, Raffles İstanbul Zorlu Center offers the unrivalled beauty of Istanbul in the most luxurious, relaxed and comfortable way to its guests.


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ZinCo GmbH

ZinCo GmbH

In their sum of their positive ecological and economical characteristics, green roofs make a relevant contribution toward achieving future-oriented sustainable architecture.

ZinCo – one of the leading manufacturers worldwide – provides tried and tested solutions worldwide for all types of green roofing. Our programme extends from extensive green roofing as an ecological protective covering or in conjunction with a photovoltaic system to roof gardens and green roofing of underground car park roofs with pathways or driveways. System-integrated, fall-prevention systems that are installed without the need for roof penetration are also an integral part of our system solutions for greened roofs.


Karaoğlu Peyzaj

Karaoğlu Peyzaj

Karaoğlu Peyzaj is a landscape contractor firm founded in 1994. Over the years, the company became one of the biggest Landscape Architecture firms in Turkey, which carries out projects successfully in various scales all around the country.

As Karaoğlu Peyzaj, we offer services that start out at residential scope and span urban and public spaces, hotels, marinas, industrial zones, shopping malls, power plants, dams, highways; in starting lawns, erosion control and nature restoration systems through Hydroseeding, periodical garden maintenance, terrace gardening, vertical gardening, technical consultancy, production and supply of plants alongside hardscape and softscape implementations.

Our objective is to realize living spaces where people can live in peace, to restore nature and to attain a second chance to recover what is lost.

We ranked among the top 25 fastest growing companies between 2008 and 2010 in Turkey thanks to a 68 percent growth in revenue.

KARAOĞLU PEYZAJ MİM.MÜH.TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. has been selected as one of ten Ruban d'Honneur recipients for The BP Target Neutral Growth Strategy of the Year Award category in the 2013/14 European Business Awards.


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İstanbul Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş.

İstanbul Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş.

Istanbul Tree and Landscape Inc., established by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1997 to conduct the green field works in Istanbul, to cultivate tree and ornamental plants and to make scientific research on this subject, provides the supply of quality plants and sells these products via Garden Markets as well as prepares and implements projects on landscape studies and design of landscaping.

Istanbul Tree and Landscape Inc. performs projects, implementation and maintenance of landscaping in Istanbul. It has been Turkey's leading company in landscape industry by signing innovative projects with its powerful technical team. 410,000 m2 area of Istanbul Tree and Landscape Inc., having a nursery field of 410,000 m2, is the only licensed manufacturer and seller of Meilland roses. Our company performs a variety of social responsibility projects and also carries guaranteed purchase seasonal flower cultivation.





As a leading worldwide materials manufacturer for the construction industry, Sika has a strong focus on roofing and produces a wide range of different products and systems to meet our customers' requirements and conform to the latest-standards.

We are present locally in more than 80 countries, which allows us to bring our customers and their clients not only proven roofing products, but additional services, such as wind load calculations, application trainings, CAD details and technical consultations, guarantees, etc. Sika is the only full range materials supplier for materials roofing.

This makes us the most complete and competent partner for the new construction or refurbishment of your projects.




The ACO Group is a world market leader in drainage technology. ACO stands for professional drainage, efficient cleaning, and the controlled discharge or reuse of water. Products include drainage channels and drains, oil and grease separators, backflow stop systems, pumps and pressure-water-tight cellar windows and light shafts.

The ACO Group expertise include processing polymer concrete, plastic, cast iron, stainless steel and reinforced concrete. ACO has a presence in over 40 countries on six continents, and total of 29 production sites worldwide. With a global workforce of 3,900, the company generated sales of Euro 624 million in 2013.





MultiGREEN systems offer solutions to incidents that cause climate changes, like heavy rain, flood incidents, high city temperatures and atmospheric pollution. Together with those solutions, they also provide aesthetic and practical benefits. The vegetation provides a living environment for birds and insects while filtering polluted air and producing oxygen. Through evaporation they refresh the air, creating positive living conditions for all living things. We can easily observe the climate changes of our day. MultiGREEN is very important regarding the sustainability of the ecological balance. MultiGREEN provides ideal solutions for roof systems with slopes of 5% and less.


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The largest developer and supplier of vegetation blankets for green roofs, pre-cultivated SemperGreenwall panels and instant ground covers. That is Sempergreen®.

Years of experience, specialized in pre-grown solutions, impressive projects and our own nurseries guarantee unrivalled results. Sempergreen® stands for sustainable solutions, quality and reliable advice.

Our enthusiastic, 100-people strong team works continuously to maintain and improve the quality of our sustainable products. After all, we are nursery people with a passion for green and a love of nature.

We deliver around the world from our own dedicated nurseries. How, when and where is up to you, nothing is impossible. Together we ensure your project is a success.

Making the world a bit greener every day, that is our ambition! Naturally.


Eco Rain

Eco Rain

ECO Rain is a specialist in the irrigation of classic green spaces. For the use with Green Roofs, ECO Rain offers the Irrigation Mat from ECO Rain. Main advantages are the comprehensive water distribution, a minimal installation height and the fact that no paving, patio areas, etc. on the roof space become wet. Due to the underground installation, almost no water is lost as a result of evaporation or wind drift. As such, the Irrigation Mat of ECO Rain facilitates water savings of up to 70 % in comparison to conventional irrigation systems. New to the programme: The "ECO Rain System", an integrated and specially tailored system comprising the ECO Rain Root Zone Irrigation Mat, substrate and rolled sod! And ECO Rain Master Control, an innovative controller that runs not only the irrigation system but also garden lighting, pumps, amongst others. Easily to operate from the large touch screen of the controller itself, any smartphone or tablet.


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