13 – 15 May 2013 | Empire Riverside Hotel | Hamburg

Congress Programme 2013

Lectures | Workshops | Excursions

Three Days of Lectures, Workshops, Presentations and Excursions

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Facade greening

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Atelier Dreiseitl

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Green roof VanDusen, Canada

Waterscapes, Landscapes, Roofscapes – Visionary Projects Presented by Award Winning Companies

The 3rd International Green Roof Congress 2013 in Hamburg will provide a platform for a cross profession information exchange in the field of Green Roofs and Living Walls. Some of the world´s most innovative architects and sustainability experts (e.g. Peter Busby – Perkins + Will, Wong Mun Summ – WOHA, Jakob Lange – Bjarke Ingels Group, Martin Haas – Studio 2050 and Prof. Herbert Dreiseitl – Atelier Dreiseitl) will discuss the future of urban roofs with the participants.

Based on their philosophy to integrate nature and architecture these and other experts will present spectacular and visionary Green Roof projects (e.g. VanDusen Botancial Garden Visitor Center – Vancouver, Newton Suites – Singapore, Potsdamer Platz – Berlin, 8-House – Copenhagen, Zuidpark Rooftop Farm – Amsterdam).

A special highlight of the congress programme is the panel discussion "Building with Nature" that brings the audience in direct contact with the speakers. The lecture programme will be complemented by two hands-on workshops.








Copgenhagen, Malmos

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Installing a green roof

Workshop 1 "Green Roofs – Practical Experience" will provide participants with a profound knowledge of the planning and installation process by taking into account the coordination of the roofer and landscape contractor working packages, which is often neglected. Additionally, emphasis will be placed on the technical and ecological performance of Green Roofs.

Based on the results of a long term study in the Netherlands (Prof. Christoph Maria Ravesloot, University of Applied Science Rotterdam) and a 4 Year Industry-Academia Partnership between the Green Roof company ZinCo GmbH and the University of Sheffield (Ralf Walker, Division Manager R&D ZinCo GmbH) the standards and practice of Green Roofs will be challenged.






Green roofs

Green roof, Scharnhausen

Workshop 2 "Green Roof Policies - Urban Planning and Stormwater Management" will deal with the fundamental question how a 21st-century metropolis can continue to grow in a sustainable and balanced way? In order to develop the best Green Roof strategy for Hamburg the city has invited experts from the U.S. (Amy Chomowicz, City of Portland, Michael Berkshire, City of Chicago), the UK (Dusty Gedge, livingroofs.org), Austria (Edmund Maurer – City of Linz), Denmark (Dorthe Rømø – City of Copenhagen) and Germany (Wolfgang Ansel, IGRA).

The local experiences will be presented by Prof. Wolfgang Dickhaut (HafenCity University) and Dr. Hannah Bornholdt (Ministry of Urban Development and Environment Hamburg). A second focus will be laid on sustainable stormwater management techniques.





Pitched green roof

Extensive green roof


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Running track on a roof

The Green Roof Excursions – Best Practices Tour in Hamburg

Excursions in and around Hamburg will demonstrate the various ways of using Green Roofs as nature conservation areas, stormwater management facilities or rooftop gardens.

Excursion 1: Past – Present – Future Green Roof Techniques in Changing Times

This excursion will lead you to different extensive /low maintenance Green Roofs in the region of Hamburg. Hamburg has a very long tradition in Green Roofs. Some of the projects date back more than six decades.

Excursion 2: Urban Roofscapes – Recreation, Sports and Fun

The participants of excursion 2 can expect practical examples to make the roof a living space. The tour includes roof gardens, landscaped underground garages and sport venues on roofs. A highlight is the visit to the multi-award winning Unilever-Building, a 21st century icon for sustainability by Behnisch Architekten.

Both excursions will include a visit to the headquarters of the regional landscape contractors associations. Next to the extensive Green Roofs on top of the buildings the participants will receive an introduction into the vocational training of landscape contractors in Germany.

For more details about the programme and the exciting International Garden Show and International Building Exhibition Hamburg please check the "congress schedule", the "speaker list" and "events in Hamburg".